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A short film by Juliana & Nicola Giraffe

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Two mimes, their dog, and a part human part camera chaperone come to Tinseltown with open hearts and big dreams of producing their visionary film, We Saw Ourselves Dreaming. Though, despite their creative aspirations and genuine effort, the mimes quickly fall victim to a whirlwind of scams and close encounters on their rollercoaster ride through a hyperreal Hollywood.  


What begins with the mimes busking on Hollywood Blvd, their donations bucket reading “fund for film”, ends in operatic crescendo at the Big Wig’s water tower. It is from up there, overlooking the  clownish city, that they realize they might be the only sane people in their story after all. 


Though the film, as told through a theatrical display of slapstick, plays like a cartoon (cream pies and banana peels included!), the mimes' experience in Hollywood holds a funhouse mirror to our own: as we, two young female artists, navigate the unintelligible path to creative fulfillment in this madhouse world.


Juliana and Nicola Giraffe, sisters and directors based in Los Angeles, co-own Giraffe Studios Imagination Emporium—an independent film studio and art space. Over the past decade, they've specialized in producing, directing, and production designing music videos for notable clients including Columbia Records, Capitol Records, Warner Music Group, and more.
In addition to their directing and film production work, the sisters have a background in theater, dance, and mime. Juliana and Nicola have studied mime in both Los Angeles and Paris, and together perform under the name, “The Invisible Women”. It is from the convergence of these passions, film and mime, that this short, We Saw Ourselves Dreaming, was born.
Nicola studied fine art at UCLA and Central Saint Martins, while Juliana pursued cinematography at Art Center College of Design. Both left university early to embrace practical opportunities in cinema and establish their own production company.


Brain Dead Studios • Los Angeles, CA

Tropico Beauty • Los Angeles, CA

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