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Egyptian Cadillac - Alex Izenberg

A Giraffe Studios Production
Produced, Directed, and Edited by Nicola and Juliana Giraffe
Co-producer: Callie Markowitz
Associate producers: Dillon Buss , Pix Leduke, Oliver Bernsen, Greg Hartunian, Max Whipple, Cowboy
Cinematography: Dillon Buss
Camera Assistant: Antoly Ivanov
Second Camera Assistant: Cowboy
Assistant to the directors: Pix Leduke
Color by: Briana Brackett
Coloring and Editing Assistant: Zoe Lambert
Costume and Production Design: Giraffe Studios
Art Director: Oliver Bernsen
Mask fabrication: Locke Webster @ there you have it 3D
Stunt Driver: Charlie Frank
Sound Design: Max Whipple
Starring : Alex Izenberg , Ray Wise  ,  Greg Hartunian  , Herbert the Sphynx Cat,  & The T2K Cronies. 

Filmed on location in Cairo, Egypt.

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