Nicky Giraffe's Nowhere Bound Exhibition, London

nowhere bound

Nicky Giraffe

Nowhere Bound

1 December–April 2017

Radio London

Radio London, Redchurch street, presents Nicky Giraffe’s ‘Nowhere Bound,’ a chapter from her latest photographic collection, ‘On Thinking About Hell.’ The works on exhibition were created between 2014–2016, documenting the time in Giraffe’s life in Los Angeles after having lived and developed her art practice in London. At the spine of the work is Bertolt Brecht’s eponymous poem that also compares the cities and their function as dystopias in modernity.

Presented as a series of oversized postcards floating on the gallery’s wall, the artworks transport the viewer through a hall of almost pleasant, uncanny letters home. Cards that in a previous world might have reached their ultimate destination here are held captive in the exchange between artist and receiver . . . suggesting that in a world clogged with photographic imagery, the photographer as a fine artist and the photograph as an object are nowhere bound.

Influenced by Los Angeles’s ecological draught, the photographs present nightmarish negotiations between Nicky’s own preoccupations and those of the natural environment around her. Though the images, printed from 35-mm slide positives, present a familiar intimacy of technicolor and old movies, their subject matter remains ghostly alien; speaking to dichotomies in this moment in time—living in a world caught on the threshold of paradise and disaster.

Nicky Giraffe is a surrealist artist working in Los Angeles. As a photographer, Nicky shoots and develops her work using analogue processes, experimenting with alternative and early photographic techniques. Nicky’s work has been exhibited and published in the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia. In 2014, The Arts Council, England, recognized Nicky in awarding her a Grant for the Arts (funded by the National Lottery and United Kingdom) to undertake a literary/visual arts project entitled On the Road to the Sea.

Her current work confronts ideas of creating as a fine art photographer in the age of the selfie.

For this collection, Giraffe turns the camera back around and pulls its focus towards the environment. The collection alludes to the Moholy Nagy-ian idea of the physical experience of space: As the environment and the individual are activated, through probability and coincidence, the composition collides in electric colors.

Significant to the journey of Nicky’s work is its return back to London. On December 1, Nicky Giraffe and Radio London invite you to the opening of Nowhere Bound—cocktails and music, accompanied by a handful of these curious postcards.

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