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January 4, 2017

Nicky Giraffe

Nowhere Bound

1 December–April 2017

Radio London

Radio London, Redchurch street, presents Nicky Giraffe’s ‘Nowhere Bound,’ a chapter from her latest photographic collection, ‘On Thinking About Hell.’ The works on exhibition were created between 2014–2016, doc...

March 28, 2015

Long Neck Uniform clothing line available in the store soon! 


February 24, 2015




January 24, 2015


Hi Visitor!

Thank you for stopping by Giraffe Studios! We are delighted to have you! Go ahead, stick your neck around and stay tuned in for more. 


The Giraffes 


January 23, 2015






The story of a man who was an egg and who fried an egg.


Story/Direction by Nicky & Juliana Giraffe
Cinematography by Juliana & Nicky Giraffe 
Staring James Weir



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